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How To Keep Your Furnace Running At Top Performance

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Keeping a gas furnace in decent running order is not all that tough if you keep to a regular maintenance schedule every few months with the filters and at least once a year with the gas components. We suggest you write out a maintenance timetable for everything that needs attention in your place, starting with the furnace. Here are a few points that will help you keep the furnace running at peak efficiency.

1. The Air Filtration System

The heating system air filter is your first line of defence against floating contaminants like allergens and other annoying particles. The filters are mostly cheap and simple to switch unless you have an electrostatic filter or something related. Doing so on a regular basis will keep the air flowing and the heat at full capacity. A grimy filter will cause a decrease in heat and amplify the work load.

2. Keep Your Furnace Shipshape

When cleaning the furnace summer time is the best because it's turned off. Open the furnace door to look at the heat fins and the bottom of the furnace. There will be dust and perhaps rust if it has been a long time since it was last vacuumed. A wire brush will manage the corrosion and your house vacuum will be okay for getting the dust out.

3. Tension Belts

In time the tension belt will work loose and you'll almost certainly hear it making noise It's very easy to tighten up or replace if that has happened.

4. Oiling The Motor

The motor need to be oiled every year, and it's simple to locate the nibs if you have the handbook. Neglecting to do that is asking for trouble when two or three drops of oil can easily deal with it.

5. Pilot Light

The pilot light is needed for the furnace to work. If you cannot see the flame at the bottom, then chances are good the pilot light has gone out. It ought to burn a deep blue color, but if it is not burning that color then it is probably time for a tune up. If the pilot light is off and you can't light it, phone a plumber or natural gas technician.

6. Checking Your Thermostat

Do a little check to see if the thermostat is functioning properly. Old school thermostats use mercury to turn on the switch. To test it, eliminate all sound and take off the thermostat guard. Move the switch and watch for a small spark, or listen to hear if the furnace activates. With digital thermostats you only have to to check out the read out to see if it's working or not.

7. Heat Vents

The heat vents enclose gasses and must not be blocked. When ventilation systems are installed they are mostly custom built. If you've never had your vents looked at then you will need to cut a hole in the vent pipe to look inside and poke about. Only do this if you have the tools to secure the hole. If your ducts have never been cleaned or it's been five years, then it's time to get this done. Dirty vents could be the source of nausea in the home. Over the years stuff like dust, spider webs, rodent droppings and things lost through the vent make a serious mess and ought to be professionally removed for health factors.

8. Gas Leaking

If there is a gas rupture you will notice it. If you're able to smell rotten eggs that will be mercaptan, which stinks and is there for safety reasons. If you can smell that terrible oil refinery smell then there could be a natural gas leak in your home, so get out and call for help afterward. Never phone from inside your home! Do not smoke or strike a match, don't turn on anything electrical or use some ignition source. Even the most remote likelihood of a spark might ignite the fumes and trigger major damage! Once you are safely away from the source head to the nearest phone and call for assistance. linked website

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